Dorchester Is Getting a Vietnamese Dessert Place

The cafe and bakery Coco Leaf is coming soon

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Coco Leaf

A cafe and bakery called Coco Leaf is heading for Dorchester and towing a whole host of Vietnamese-style desserts and other treats in its wake. The new shop will be located at 1480 Dorchester Ave., and it will specialize in a dessert called che, which is likened to a dessert soup.

Che, the main focus of Coco Leaf, is a Vietnamese sweet that combines tapioca (or boba) with assorted other ingredients that can range from coconut and chia seeds to goji berries, avocado, red bean, and pandan jelly. The cafe’s manager will be Somath Om, according to a City of Boston licensing board agenda, and the place could operate between the hours of 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Coco Leaf has shared photos of some of its che on Facebook. The cafe will also serve an array of crepes, seasonal pastries, and coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasters.

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